How Did The CX David Beat The BPO Goliath?

David vs Goliath

In a recent article from my colleague Andrew Hall, he talked about hypergrowth and customer experience (CX) transformation, and how this is our strategic focus at Quantanite. If the founders of a small company find their service is taking off and their app is suddenly the hottest download globally, we can step in and guide the CX processes.

I want to talk a little more about why I think Quantanite is different. There are many Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies out there. Some are good. Some are bad. Some probably wouldn’t exist if contracts were shorter and reviewed more often. Everyone says they are different, but why does this statement really apply to Quantanite?

Everyone knows the David and Goliath story. Even if you don’t know about the Biblical origins of the story, you will know that it’s about an underdog beating someone who is much stronger and should always win a fight between the two of them.

About a decade ago, Malcolm Gladwell wrote a very detailed analysis of the David and Goliath story and how it applies to the modern business environment. Summarising his entire book, Gladwell said it’s obvious that the underdog should win sometimes because they might be more agile, have better weapons, or just be better prepared. Sometimes sheer weight and size aren’t enough if your small opponent is fast and an expert with a catapult – which was the case with David.

This is exactly why Quantanite is special. We are multinational, but we only have bases in a few select locations – not across one hundred countries. We have a team with all the tools they need to deliver great service, but we don’t have hundreds of thousands of them. We have focus and agility – the opposite of the BPO Goliaths.

Our focus is transforming CX processes that are growing extremely fast. Companies that usually manage CX internally and then face a hypergrowth situation as their product or service takes off. It can be a challenge just to keep up, let alone answer every customer question in this type of situation.

If a small agile company suddenly experiences a spurt of rapid growth then why would it turn to a Goliath to help them grow?

Our expertise is in being agile enough to transform a fast-growing customer service team into a robust operation that can continue to scale, no matter how fast the company is growing. Any company that finds their app is suddenly being downloaded globally needs help quickly – help with the volume, help with the service quality and processes, and help to move beyond managing customers in a single language.

This is exactly where Quantanite can help. If you are experiencing the early signs of rapid growth, or things are already out of control, then get in touch. We can make sure you don’t lose momentum because that’s the risk if your customers find that you never answer their questions.

Let me know what you think. Please contact us via or get in touch with me directly via my LinkedIn. Follow our company page on LinkedIn for more articles, opinions and information about our CX solutions.

CC Photo by Jaime Spaniol

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