Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

Optimizing your LinkedIn Profile
to be the perfect social selling machine

LinkedIn has become the leading and most powerful channel and platform for personal and business branding and awareness. Yet, many people don’t take time to optimize their LinkedIn profiles and pages.

We know that every executive and career professional has got a packed daily schedule and personal outreach could easily fall off the list unless you are specifically tasked to do so but, having a complete LinkedIn Profile has a High ROI for your time.

With over 660 million users on LinkedIn, many fail to realise that knowing how to optimize LikedIn can build new clients and followers and assist in running a successful outreach campaign. Optimizing your profile will help you stand out from the crowd, because ultimately your Linkedin profile is a landing page for yourself and your company.

An optimised LinkedIn profile helps increase business opportunities effortlessly.

One of the most common mistakes which people make is having their LinkedIn profiles look like their resumes. While this strategy may make sense, if you look a little deeper, you will realize that it may not yield a positive outcome and it may not pull in the right prospects or spark those converted conversations that can inevitably lead to sales.

Keeping up with digital trends is difficult. However, maintaining a strong online presence and platform is essential and for any business and business professional, a killer LinkedIn profile is key. LinkedIn is one of the most powerful, professional engagement platforms that can build a tiny organization into a billion-dollar enterprise. LinkedIn helps you find your niche.

LinkedIn for Sales Success

Employees need to be ambassadors of the company which they represent and all employees need to be encouraged to be active on LinkedIn.

For Sales Teams and SDRs your LinkedIn profile must indicate what you are doing and your abilities, as prospective customers look at LinkedIn to see who you are before they make a decision to do business. For team leaders, it must show that you are able to lead the team and sustain growth and responsibility, especially during these trying times.

Your LinkedIn profile is your opportunity and platform to engage with your audience, build your page, create relationships, build more leads and ultimately generate engagement through outreach methods.

If you can’t be found, increasing sales, increasing awareness and increasing customer engagement becomes more difficult, and this comes down to optimisation.

Just like optimising for Google search, optimising your LinkedIn profile turns you into an outbound networking, social selling machine. Your LinkedIn profile needs to drive a successful selling strategy and ultimately increase sales. It must indicate the value which you can provide to both existing and prospective customers.

Below are a few simple steps on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile

• Ensuring Visibility
• Having a high quality, professional and relevant Profile Picture and Background Image
• Optimising the Headline and About sections
• Ensuring Further Optimisation to elevate your profile and make it stand out

To get greater insight into the above steps and a guideline on best practices to optimising your LinkedIn profile,
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We can make it easy for you too;

At Growthonics: Part of Quantanite, we can set you up with LinkedIn Optimization processes and methods that can generate you leads and engagement and kickstart you to greater success.

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