City Pantry Case Study

Our campaign delivered 4500+ Leads Per Month, 55% Open Rate and 7% Positive Engagement Rate.

Client Overview


Our team at Quantanite worked with City Pantry to understand their ideal customer profile. By implementing a team of 4 analysts, we designed the best strategy to fit their needs, and helped them source the most effective leads to fill their pipeline. By implementing human touch, we precisely matched their requirements to build a scalable sales engine.

The Challenge

City Pantry required leads from organizations and managers who would be looking to provide regular catering to their in-house teams. Their need was to find an efficient way to generate a large volume of new leads for their account managers.

The Solution

Step 1

Together with City Pantry, Quantanite set out to understand City Pantry’s ideal customer and lead profile inorder to create the best strategy that would source quality lead

Step 2

By applying personal human touch, our analysts worked to ensure that the identified leads precisely matched City Pantry’s requirements and that their databases were kept up to date, valid and constantly enhanced.

Step 3

By creating a customized 6 point, touch email campaign, our outbound team ensured that campaigns were effectively run and optimized to ensure the highest possible number of responses.

Step 4

Quantanite enabled City Pantry’s sales reps to successfully engage with the daily influx of positive leads and meetings into their pipeline allowing them to focus on selling.

The Results


Days Onboarding


Leeds Found Per Month


Open Rate


Positive Engagement Rate

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