Data Analytics For An Emerging Fintech Brand

Data Analytics

Client Overview

Fintech Customer Success Story

Our client is a developer of an analytics platform designed to help people make better investment decisions by leveraging AI to filter millions of corporate, commercial, and other financial intel sources every day.

The Challenge

  • A need for outsourced help (analysts with finance and accountancy expertise) to handle all the background data – to clean it up, make it presentable and draw insights and analytics from the data
  • Extremely data-heavy industry
  • Struggling to aggregate data quickly enough, whilst still managing day-to-day workloads

The Solution

Step 1

A dedicated, customer-focused team of specialist finance and accountancy graduates

Step 2

Extensive training and monitoring conducted, with a continuous feedback loop

Step 3

A repeatable solution that scaled up to also include Team Leaders, and Project Managers, offering even greater expertise

The services implemented include:

The Results


Quantanite became a natural extension of our Client’s Company – without all the complexities associated with hiring, managing and training employees


Round-the-clock coverage supporting both US and European markets

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