Spotify Case Study

Our campaign delivered 3000 Leads Per Month, 42% Open Rate and 7% Positive Engagement Rate.

Client Overview


Quantanite helped build and scale Spotify Business’ Sales Development Team. We managed their sales funnel from cold prospects to booked meetings. Spotifys’ outsourced solution requirements was to gain flexibility to source leads across different markets and to scale their off-shore team based on in-house demand.

The Challenge

Spotify Business provides an advanced music streaming platform for businesses to create brand-fitted soundtracks to help increase customer engagement. They needed an effective way to generate meetings for their in-house sales teams across Europe and therefore decided on an outsource solution. Spotify Business needed to gain the flexibility to source leads across different markets and needed to scale their offshore team based on in-house demand.

The Solution

Step 1

Quantanite Sales Development Analysts helped Spotify source highly targeted leads and build qualified lists from LinkedIn, based on their ideal customer profile.

Step 2

By working tirelessly to ensure that Spotify’s databases were kept up to date, Quantanite Analysts recorded leads and contact information into spreadsheets which Spotify’s sales team could view.

Step 3

Our expert analysts created a bespoke outbound strategy for Spotify consisting of automated campaigns. These campaigns contained sourced data written by specialist copywriters to deliver positive customer engagement.

Step 4

Our team at Quantanite enabled Spotify’s Business’ sales reps to successfully engage with the daily influx of positive leads and meetings into their pipeline allowing them to focus on selling.

The Results

2 Weeks



Leads Per Month


Open Rate


Positive Engagement Rate

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