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Executive Team

Our Executive Team leads our associates across the globe with strategic focus, a collective approach, and team interaction that helps to accelerate performance and drive results for Quantanite and our clients.

Atreya Chaganty - Chief Executive Officer

Atreya joined as the group’s new Chief Executive Officer effective in January 2022. He has served as an advisor to the company since mid-2020, actively involved with strategic decisions, and working closely with the company’s management including on finance, strategy and operations. 


Atreya comes with two decades of technology experience, having started his career in management consulting at PwC and Oracle. Since then he has held executive positions in global technology organisations, overseeing business development, M&A, and operations. At his time with PCCW, a Hong Kong-based conglomerate, Atreya had significant exposure to the Customer Experience and Outsourcing Services industry, which allowed him to see how organisations in the space develop.


Atreya lives in Oxford, UK with his wife and son. He holds an MBA from London Business School and a Master of Science from Texas A&M University.

David Earlam - Chief Operating Officer

David is an industry veteran with more than 30 years of contact centre experience.  He has served on the executive teams of the Fairpoint Group, Teleperformance, and WebHelp.  David has proven expertise across a range of high-volume CX digital environments where the customer journey is of paramount organisational importance.


In his COO role at Quantanite, David is recognized for delivering outstanding commercial performance & compelling client value while driving strategic innovation and igniting positive stakeholder engagement. 


He is an energetic, empathetic, and collaborative leader with a hands-on style and a reputation for providing clear,  unambiguous direction. With an ethical approach to leadership, David effectively binds Teams into a single, cohesive, focused, and committed workforce.

Andrew Hall - Chief Commercial Officer

An executive leader, specialising in innovation and strategy in customer engagement management and growth, Andrew has been in the outsourcing and technology domain for over thirty years and brings considerable knowledge of transformation and operational excellence into his relationships with clients and teams delivering exciting operations and customer-centric tech-enabled transformation.


Andrew has a focus on working with clients to develop relationships and solutions that truly impact their business and their customer’s experience with them, ensuring measurable benefits and outcomes. Recognised in the customer engagement space as a lead thinker in innovation and the future of technology in customer engagement. 


Passionate father and family man helps keep Andrew grounded and up with the latest youth lingo.

Atif Hafeez - Chief Financial Officer

Atif is a seasoned Chief Financial Officer with additional credentials as an all-around business administrator and board member. His wide-ranging international experience, which spans over two decades within private and public equity spheres, has enabled him to develop global acumen in finance, business, and governance.

Most recently, Atif served at Ibex Limited (formerly LSE & currently Nasdaq listed), a global CX outsourcer rapidly growing as a transformational B2B2C partner for the world’s leading brands. He held multiple leadership and management positions in the UK/EU, including Chief Financial Officer, Country Head, and Executive Board Director. Alongside, he launched and led an international treasury organisation as Vice President of Global Treasury and contributed to offshore and nearshore footprint growth.

Previously, Atif’s most notable associations have been with The Resource Group (TRG; PSE listed PE), Hino Motors Limited (a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation; NYSE, LSE & PSE listed), and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

Atif is a Certified Accountant, a Certified Director, and a Certified Executive Coach. He lives in Bristol with his wife.

Mikko Tamminen - Founder & Chairman

When Mikko founded the company in 2014 right from the start he wanted to do BPO differently by focusing on supporting like-minded ambitious organisations. He developed a company culture that is warm, inclusive, and friendly. This approach makes Quantanite a popular employer today, something which Mikko remains passionate about.


Mikko was Quantanite’s Chief Executive Officer until December 2021, after which he assumed the role of Executive Chairman. Since the founding of the company, Mikko built Quantanite into a challenger in the BPO and CX space that is recognised by clients, analysts, and industry peers as a growing force in the industry. Today Mikko focuses on corporate governance, strategy, and supporting the executive team.


Previously Mikko worked with private equity and startups in Asia’s emerging markets as well as in Europe and the US. He is also the youngest non-fiction author in his home country of Finland and holds a US patent to his name. Mikko completed his Bachelor’s in Management from the University of Warwick and The Wharton School.

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