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Market-leading content moderation and data annotation services with a flawless blend of automation and human intelligence


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Quantanite: Your Digital Content Outsource Provider

At Quantanite, we work with digital content businesses to design and deliver compliant, scalable, flexible content moderation and transcription services. We work tirelessly to meet your business needs, sharing new ways of working to optimise systems and processes, and enhancing customer value streams. We operate a wellness-first approach to our advisors that ensures continuity whilst protecting the well-being of our advisor community.

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Quantanite - What We Do

Digital Content Suite

Moderation and Transcription





Labelling and Annotation

Image Labelling

(Multi-dimensional tagging)


Specialist Training

Machine Learning

Company Stats

Average CSAT score across multiple vertical industries (2022; All clients)

Fastest Growing B2B Service Provider 2021 (by Clutch)

Top 500 Global Outsourcing Firms (Outsource Accelerator)

Why Our Digital Content Clients Love Our Services


Our rapid and effective moderation is essential to protect your user experiences whilst also ensuring adherence to company policies and values.


We attract the best people – who are adept and passionate about enhanced delivery – whilst ensuing an active focus on excellence and the highest standards for our team.

Value For Money

We provide exceptional value for money through an innovative delivery model, complimented by expert and agile capabilities across Cognitive Content Curation and Moderation.

Powering Customer Experience and Digital Outsourcing for the World's Fastest Growing Companies

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Client Challenges - Digital Content Solutions

Due to the overwhelming volume of content now being published online, managing inappropriate and offensive texts, images or videos across multiple channels is now an impossibility for some businesses.

Quantanite offers accurate, convenient, customised, expedited and quality-labelled datasets for Machine Learning and AI initiatives. This is supported by handpicked data annotators, all safeguarded by high levels of ISO-certified security.



Quantanite - Digital Content Industries

Retail & eCommerce

Contact Louise Roches

Director, Customer Solutions

Financial Services & Fintech

Contact Neil Glover

Senior Director, Customer Solutions


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VP, Customer Solutions


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Director, Customer Solutions

Quantanite - Your Digital Content Outsource Partner


Testament To Success

100+ Clients across 4 continents and a variety of vertical industries.


24./7 Service and Support, follow the sun model.

Global Reach

4 Global locations, world-class headquarters, CX and delivery centres.

Cost Effective

No overheads.

No legacy blockers.

No hidden costs.

Technology & Innovation

Active C-Suite oversight, real-time access with hands-on strategic support and contributions


Transparent partners who’ll tell it (and show it) like it is.

Client Quotes

Meet Your Digital Content Oursourcing Expert

Neil Glover

Senior Director, Customer Solutions

With a strong background of over 15 years, Neil has worked with companies from the largest global enterprises to smaller entrepreneurial fast-growth businesses on driving customer experience transformation and creating unprecedented customer outcomes. Neil’s experience means he is able to work with you to meet your challenges in a proactive and dynamic environment and therefore able to build solutions that meet your needs.

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Certification & Compliance

Quantanite is accredited by and complies with the following industry standards with regards to Data Security, Payment Processing, Compliance and Quality.


Where appropriate and applicable, Quantanite is externally audited to ensure compliance.

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Customer experience management

Experts in multilingual customer support and experience, dedicated to improved retention and loyalty.


Scale your back-office processes cost-effectively with our functional and domain experts.

Digital Content Services

Market-leading content moderation and data annotation services with a flawless blend of automation and human intelligence.

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Improve the quality and value of your sales pipeline through our targeted data sourcing and lead generation expertise.