Next-gen HR working smart

How AI is helping businesses to scale up –

and Human Resources to be more human

Once upon a time, more HR queries meant a bigger team, in-house or outsourced, and all the added cost that went with it. The more you grew, the more you knew about picking up a hefty tab to take care of your people.
The inevitable price of success? Not everyone thinks so. Increasingly forward-thinking businesses today are tapping into AI to take a more win-win approach. We’ve arrived at the holy grail of having the flexibility to expand into the future while leaving our expenditure frozen in time.

What AI can deliver right now

The evolving landscape of HR in the AI era is such that so called Large Language Models are completely redefining traditional people management processes at every point through the hire-to-retire lifecycle. And that starts with helping organisations to identify and then attract the calibre of people they need in the first place.
Easier said than done? Not so anymore.

The AI driven hire-to-retire process

AI empowers HR teams to scale HR outcomes without scaling costs

Revolutionising recruitment

Gone are the days of recruiters slowly digging their way down through a mountain of mediocre CVs to unearth the precious few gems that actually shine. That is, for businesses who have brought AI into their recruitment processes, making the super-tough job of finding talent significantly easier.
How? Well, for one, by helping recruiters to write more accurate and concise job descriptions, so their net is cast neither too wide nor too narrow. That means creating pinpoint descriptors that capture the essence of the role, and that resonate powerfully and exclusively with the profile of person the business wants to engage.
AI today can also create unerringly accurate models of what a good employee ‘looks like’ in terms of experience, lifestyle and values, then apply these critical insights to screening CVs (bringing the initial task down to size); to personalising interview questions (helping to reveal the character and expertise of the candidate; even to analysing and reporting on interviewee responses.
The recruiter is still in charge. The final decision will rest with them as it always has, just with AI-powered insights and support at every step to help inform it.

Making on-boarding relevant and personalised

Then there’s the question of what happens when the new recruit shows up for work, keen to get started. Most of us have been underwhelmed at some point in our working lives by the lack of thought that often goes into on-boarding new staff. But here too, the smart application of AI is making a world of difference.
New recruits can now hope (and will soon expect) to arrive at their new place of work and benefit right away from a carefully personalised and job-relevant on-boarding experience, enabled by an AI system that can answer their questions, guide them to supportive and knowledgeable colleagues, and otherwise help them to feel welcome, appreciated and empowered in their role from day one.
A one-size-fits-all ‘welcome to the company’ just doesn’t cut it anymore. Not when better options already exist.

Creating opportunity and mobility for employees

Supporting personalised growth and development for each individual employee is another area where AI capability is powering huge strides forward in transforming business performance. Companies who use AI involvement to monitor performance and map career trajectories are giving a new generation of employees a far greater sense of opportunity and mobility within their organisations.
Under-performers become far easier to identify and help with guidance, mentoring and training, while stand-out high-flyers – the potential A-players every business seeks – can also be more readily recognised and their career path optimised to benefit employee and employer alike.

Streamlining the off-boarding process

Of course, sometimes things just don’t work out and an individual and a company need to go their separate ways – and AI is helping out there too, managing administration and streamlining the process effectively to make it clear, helpful and respectful to all parties.

Getting a thumbs-up from HR professionals

Perhaps most significantly of all, leading HR professionals themselves are hailing the positive impact AI is making in their field – not just to overall business performance, but also to their own sense of engagement and personal satisfaction in their role. With automated AI doing more of the heavy-lifting on the majority of process-driven tasks, the nature of the HR role is changing fast (and it seems for the better). Team members are reporting having far more flexibility and freedom in the wake of AI – to devote themselves to high-value inter-personal activities centred around employee experience and engagement. Or in plain human terms, more of the stuff they most like doing.
Empowerment is the word heard again and again. AI is actively redefining roles (both in HR and more generally) for the better, giving individuals more autonomy to elevate and enhance their working experience; automating simple and mundane tasks; and consequently freeing up human capital to play a more creative and engaging role.

The game-changing power of data analytics

AI is also empowering organisations with hitherto unseen big-picture perspectives on staff activity and development through the use of detailed data analytics.
Previously unconnected information including positive or negative feedback from line managers, number of sick days taken, or regular late arrivals for work, can be gathered together more easily with AI – helping organisations to build real and practically useful profiles of individual staff members, and also link “HR Transactional Data” to other metrics in the organisation. The net result? A genuine step-change in understanding and improving employee engagement and retention.

Where AI meets HR for you

With so many clear benefits visible, for most organisations the question has become not whether to incorporate AI capability into their HR systems, but when and how. And, of course, with who as a trusted partner?
Today there are multiple big-name options on the market for outsourcing HR (with costs that grow significantly as you grow) along with an ever expanding number of AI solution providers (but with no relevant HR expertise).
So you go expensive or unproven? Neither looks like an optimum choice when the importance of choosing a partner with an in-depth knowledgebase in developing and evolving HR documents as a basis for using scalable AI tools cannot be overstated.
When you’re ready to begin/continue your own evaluation of scalable AI tools for HR, when you’re ready to explore a robust and cost-effective long-term solution for managing and supporting your people needs, we would very much welcome the opportunity to tell you about our company, Quantanite, and our Möbius People HR solution.

Möbius People from Quantanite enables you:

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We think there is no better AI-powered HR solution today.

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