Quantanite marks 10 year anniversary by launching new Innovation Hub

Quantanite celebrates its 10th anniversary with nearly 2,000 employees across four continents. CEO Atreya Chaganty remarks, “Proud and humbled, not many companies achieve this milestone.”

Since 2014, Quantanite has prioritized customer satisfaction with innovative tech and personalized service. Starting with the Bangladesh Delivery Centre, we expanded globally, reaching the UK in 2015 and the US in 2017.

Discussing the decade’s changes, Atreya notes, “From Dhaka to 3 continents, from a small team to 2300+ employees, and 1 to 100+ clients, much has changed while our values remain steadfast.”

Milestones include reaching 1,000 employees in 2019 and launching Quantanite South Africa in 2020. By 2021, our team grew to 1,500, with the Johannesburg CX Centre opening in 2022. The Innovation Office in 2023 focuses on tech advancement.

Excited about our 10th year, we announce our Mumbai, India office, where our tech teams drive innovation. Atreya stresses, “Employees and clients are vital in our journey to build better together.”

Our India office opened virtually on October 16th, 2023. Atreya envisions challenging norms in outsourcing with AI-driven solutions.

We look forward to our India office’s contribution to our global growth.For more, visit https://www.quantanite.com/.

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