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Human Conversations and Generative AI for  
People and Technology Unleashed.
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We believe customers and employees should be looked after, and every interaction is an opportunity for a conversation and to learn more about them. The value of human touch is irreplaceable, so MöBIUS, our Conversational Gen AI chatbot, can fully automate or play a supporting role across end-to-end customer journeys. Whether you prefer the tradition of human-centric services, the efficiency of fully autonomous solutions, or a seamlessly blended approach, we’ve got you covered. When the human touch is needed, MöBIUS enhances our agents’ performance and amplifies their empathy. With productivity gains and automation, we save time for the human conversations that matter.

Attract More New Customers

Demand Generation experts, supported by AI, delivering increased revenue and a predictable sales pipeline.

Onboard & Support Customers

End-to-end Customer Journeys with Customer Associates and MöBIUS. Enhanced customer experience at less cost.

Manage & Optimize Business Processes

Efficient, reliable, secure business processes and support facilitated by our Business Agents and AI, saving you time, effort and cost.

Engage People & Operations

Round the clock personalized HR support for your employees, for higher engagement at a lower cost.

eCommerce and Retail

Software and Technology Services

Food Ordering and Delivery

Travel and TravelTech

Real Estate and PropTech

Built for Everyone

Designed and Configured Just for You

Over the past decade, we’ve supported our customers by successfully applying our people and expertise to their diverse range of industries and use cases. Delivering simplified operations and improved customer experiences that allow our customers to focus their time on the things that matter to them.

Our expertise stems from an in-depth understanding of customer needs, technology, markets, and constantly adapt to help our customers navigate difficult challenges.

Like everyone else, we too were excited about the potential impact of Artificial Intelligence…

HR Experience and AI Expertise


Until our 10th birthday!

AI is not the future

People are.
(with a little Help from AI)

To unleash its true potential, we took a different approach: The real future of AI lies in blending Human Expertise with Generative AI and Large Language Models. Without our deep understanding of People, Processes and the Customer (and doing things a little differently), we wouldn’t have unleashed the true potential of the technology or our People. Today, make customer and employee experiences better and business operations more accurate, scalable and cost-effective. The potential of technology and people has been unleashed.

Born in Dhaka, Headquartered in London

Compliance Worldwide

We’re certified by the highest level of industry compliance standards and operational excellence. With a partner you can trust, compliance is made easy.

Quality you can rely on

That customers love

We publish our Quality Assurance scores because we believe in transparency and integrity. We also practice what we preach when it comes to CX and measure our own clients satisfaction.

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