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Introducing QLabs

Our Centre for Innovation & Experimentation

Qlabs is the heart of our technology innovation. Based in Mumbai, The QLabs team specialize in how types of Generative AI, like Large Language Models (such as chatGPT by Open AI) with a user friendly interface can create better experiences and outcomes for our clients. There are a myriad of possibilities and use cases for this transformational technology, and with our roots in CX and Outsourcing, our experience is being put to good use.


Generative AI: GPT


“GPT, short for Generative Pre-trained Transformer, is a sophisticated AI system that learns from large amounts of text data to understand and generate human-like language. It can write its own sentences, answer questions, and perform various language-related tasks with high accuracy and naturalness.”

Built for Growth

Knowledge and People

AI may have only hit the headlines recently, but the QLabs team have been working on AI for the likes of Microsoft for a lot longer! With access to 2000+ testers (our team!) the team have expertise across Natural Language Processing, Large Language Models, Machine Learning, Conversational Design, Integrations, UX and UI Design and Testing.

LLM’s, Machine Learning, NLP, UX, UI


Changing the way people interact with your business.

MöBIUS is our conversational interface (CI), it helps customers across all channels with powerful contextual conversations. Which is way better than people having to navigate website FAQs, or rubbish chatbots and annoying IVRs.

We know which processes should be automated, and we know which should be resolved by a human, so we designed MöBIUS to be able to also facilitate Person to Person Interactions, and provides users with accurate, contextual insights and information, which improves customer and employee interactions and across business processes enterprise wide.

Generative AI


Built for what's next

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