Back Office Services for a Weather Forecasting Brand

Back Office Services

Client Overview

Weather Forecasting Brand Customer Success Story

Our client is the world’s largest provider of live-streaming HD coastal cams where they specialise in surf reports and forecasting.

The Challenge

  • The client’s biggest pain point was time constraints.
  • Started off by being in the R&D phase for their app. They needed to build a prototype with more data.
  • All data was in-house with specialists focused on innovation, not on the value of data labelling.
  • Being in the R&D phase they needed to iterate via labelling.

The Solution

Step 1

Dedicated teams of creative thinkers were built around this clients needs.

Step 2

Image annotation on CVAT tool – an open-source tool to assist in the requirements for our client.

Step 3

Annotators draw bounding boxes or polygons around the objects listed by the client and label them accordingly.

Back office services including:

The Results


Time management efficiencies were solved, with a focus on high-value research and development.


Maximum CSAT scores achieved – speed of delivery of datasets and returned annotated frames.


Client is happy with the modifications delivered – 90% of our suggestions are being proactively used.

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