Data Transcription Services for a Logistics Food Delivery Brand

Back-Office Support

Client Overview

Food Delivery Brand Customer Success Story

Our client is an online food delivery business and leading the largest food delivery network. They continue to advance in technological innovations required for building the future of food delivery, while being instrumental in helping to create a tech hub in the Canadian Prairies.

The Challenge

The client needed a fast-paced provider who could support quickly in:
  • Maintenance of the average handling time and weekly volume handling challenges.
  • Increasing their workforce during the covid pandemic to support their customers.
  • Selecting appropriate assignments from large queues.
  • Restricted to work on corporate tasks

The Solution

Step 1

Communicating with clients and analysing AHT. Moreover, a glide track was offered for smoother operations.

Step 2

Weekly volume challenges and creation of a backup team to offer additional help.

Step 3

Use of Google Classroom for online interviews and training in order to maintain high quality standards.

Back-office/Data transcription services including;

The Results


Consistently achieving 5/5 for CSAT.


Grew the account from 10 associates to 105 in a very short period of time.


Quantanite was retained as an outsourced vendor despite our client being acquired and removing other vendors from their preferred list.


Other corporate project LOB wins.

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