Lead Gen for B2B Tech PR and Marketing Agency

Our campaign delivered 1000+ Leads Per Month, 52% Open Rate and 4.8% Positive Engagement Rate

Client Overview


Our client Machine is a London-based B2B tech PR and marketing agency with an inbound PR approach. They help generate leads for their clients and convert them into valued customers. Our client combines expertise in content, PR and marketing automation with innovative ideas to help them deliver consistent great results to their clients.

The Challenge

Our client Machine required leads from businesses that they knew would be receptive to their offering. They needed a more efficient way of generating a large volume of new, relevant leads to create a constant funnel for their sales team.

The Solution

Step 1

Quantanite assigned a dedicated account manager to work with our client Machine to better understand their perfect profile and create the best strategy to source quality leads effectively for them.

Step 2

Quantanite combined human skill with technology to work full-time in identifying leads which precisely matched our client Machine’s requirements.

Step 3

The Quantanite outbound team crafted the optimum 6-touch email campaign. By tweaking it regularly we ensured the highest possible number of positive responses.

Step 4

Growthonic’s team enabled our client Machine’s sales reps to positively engage with the daily influx of leads in their CRM database and continue to enrich the contact information.

The Results


Weeks Onboarding


Leeds Found Per Month


Open Rate


Positive Engagement Rate

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