Lead Gen for Data-driven Strategy Consulting Firm

Our campaign delivered 36% Open Rate, 15 Meetings Booked and 3.8% Positive Engagement Rate.

Client Overview

Management Consulting

Our client Group is a data-driven strategy consulting firm. They specialise in data analysis, insights and practical strategy consulting. Using the 4 organisations that make up the group, our client is able to strategically advise on how to target new audiences, improve product pricing plans and improve marketing spend. With clients in the UK and all around the world, our client is able to apply their expertise to any sector and market.

The Challenge

Our client was faced with the challenge of needing to generate enough business for every organisation within the group, concurrently throughout the year.

The Solution

Step 1

Prior to the beginning of each month, a leader from our client met with their Quantanite Account Manager to discuss the campaign and outline the variables that make up the new target companies. These variables included things like vertical, sub-vertical, employee count, revenue per annum, target titles and data-points required.

Step 2

The Growhthonics’ team enabled our client’s research analysts to start sourcing, extracting and enriching their outreach database. They verified the companies against the criteria along with the target titles’ email addresses in order to create a data set that reflected the aims set out at the beginning of each month.

Step 3

The Quantanite team created a unique 4-6 email touch sequence for each new campaign. This was used to generate engagement which was ultimately used to create meetings.

Step 4

Quantanite Campaign Strategists picked up positive responses from the email sequence and forwarded them onto our client to continue the conversation at a point of interest and book the meetings generated.

The Results


Meetings Booked


Positive Engagement Rate


Open Rate

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