Lead Gen for eCommerce Marketing Company

Our campaign delivered 2000+ Leads Per Month and 15+ Team Elements.

Client Overview

Computer Software

Our client was developed as a platform to let brands scale and automate word of mouth marketing. Collectively, they have a social media reach of 500 million ambassadors. In their quest to become the number 1 social media marketplace, our client is now inviting leading brands to interact, engage and promote their products through this tribe.

The Challenge

Our client needed a more efficient way of generating a large volume of leads for their sales team. In addition to enriching existing data, they required a consistent stream of new leads. Their ideal brands had to match a set of clearly defined criteria and more specifically, they had to be instagrammable.

The Solution

Step 1

Quantanite Research Analysts sourced highly targeted leads from a number of public databases, ensuring that each contact matches Brand Ambassadors’ specific targeting criteria and persona.

Step 2

Quantanite Analysts recorded the leads and key data points onto a live spreadsheet. These leads were put through quality assurance steps to ensure that the highest quality data was provided.

Step 3

Our team at Quantanite enables our client sales reps to successfully engage with the daily influx of leads in the CRM database and continue to enrich the contact history information.

Step 4

The Results


Weeks Onboarding


Leeds Found Per Month


Team Elements

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