Lead Gen for Financial Services Company

Our campaign delivered 33% Open Rate, 4.1% Positive Engagement Rate and 19% Reply Rate.

Client Overview

Our Client – Financial Services

1420 Leads Per Month, 33% Open Rate, 19% reply rate

The Challenge

Our client were generating a lot of meetings but needed a partner to help them scale their business at a manageable pace. After assessing multiple providers, Our client decided Quantanite was the perfect fit due to their flexibility and ability to operate in multiple countries. Quantanite was tasked with generating meetings with companies that were looking at innovative ways to strengthen their employees financially using Hastee’s technology, thus improving their work productivity.

The Solution

Step 1

A dedicated Quantanite Account Manager worked with Our client to understand their ideal prospect and also create a bespoke strategy to source them leads as effectively as possible.

Step 2

Our client provided a list of suggestions to target and Quantanite were able to refine this and found targets that precisely matched their brief. The ideal profile they needed was a company looking to improve their productivity and allow their employees to take control of their financials.

Step 3

Quantanite ’ outbound team crafted the ideal 6-touch email campaign, tweaking it regularly to ensure that the highest possible number of positive responses was received. Quantanite ensured each campaign could be adapted to the specific needs of Hastee

Step 4

Quantanite ’ team successfully assisted Our client reps to engage with a daily influx of leads in their CRM database and continued to enrich the contact history information of many other businesses, who just weren’t able to do it at the time.

The Results


Open Rate


Leads Found Per Month


Reply Rate


Positive Engagement Rate

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