Lead Gen for Global Cryptocurrency Market Data Provider

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Client Overview


Like many organisations, our client relies on a very small sales team. When they came to us, lead generation was carried out by two people, one of whom was the company’s Commercial Director James Harris.

The Challenge

We didn’t have the full skill sets – finding the right people, then making that initial approach. We knew we were leaving a lot on the table, and that there was a whole universe of clients who we weren’t approaching correctly. Quantanite service was more holistic than the other providers. We sensed they would seamlessly interlink lead generation, email and LinkedIn outreach. The functions were bolted together so it felt like one process.

The Solution

Step 1

The feedback loop was very good. When matches weren’t optimal, we fed back and the next batches were right on the money. Within 3 weeks, Quantanite was doing exactly what we wanted them to do.

Step 2

hey transformed our sales processes, and we’re now so much better at selling our product. We got so much value from Quantanite. It felt as though we had a team working for us, which was amazing. If I were building a business from scratch, I would engage their services from the start. Rather than leaving it until later, it would be one of the first things I’d do.

Step 3

We achieved an open rate of 60%. The combination of email and LinkedIn brought an average positive engagement rate of 5% – with one month reaching 6.7%.

Step 4

Looking at LinkedIn alone, we achieved an average connection rate of 37% and a positive engagement rate of 2.6%. our client now has an impressive database of leads.

The Results


Open Rate


Straight Rate


Connection Rate


Positive Engagement Rate

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