Imtiaz Ahmed Anil's Journey at Quantanite

A Reflection on Growth and Milestones


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Join us as we explore the inspiring journey of Imtiaz Ahmed Anil, the esteemed Senior Manager overseeing People Operations at Quantanite's Bangladesh office..

Imtiaz’s Quantanite journey began on September 14, 2014, as an Analyst filled with anticipation and eagerness. From nerve-wracking job interviews to transformative career advancements, his path has been marked by dedication and resilience.

Through seven client experiences, Imtiaz honed his professional skills and forged enduring relationships. His promotion to HR Manager on March 1, 2017, was a testament to his hard work and growth within the company.

Imtiaz shares insights on perseverance, dedication, and the transformative impact of Quantanite’s values. He underscores the significance of embracing change and innovation in navigating the AI revolution.

Imtiaz’s journey at Quantanite exemplifies more than just professional growth; it embodies a community founded on shared values and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Here’s to the continued success and innovation at Quantanite!

Imtiaz's Interview

When did you start at Quantanite? I started as an Analyst on the 14th of September, 2014. I was really really nervous at that time as it was my first job interview ever.

How many clients have you been a part of? 7 and then I was promoted to the Manager, Human Resources.

What is the most notable experience you have been through in your time at the company? The day I got promoted to HR Manager, 1st March, 2017. When Mikko announced it to everyone. It was a bone chilling experience.

Any story you can share that will remain with you forever? Sometime during 2015, the client I was working for sent me their official merchandise all the way from Lithuania for the work I did for them. Till this day, that moment holds a special place in my memory.

What is a message you can share of motivation? If you’re looking for rewards and recognition, don’t ask for it. Just work for it and it will come to you, one or another way. It might take time but it will come. Your efforts won’t get unnoticed and will be rewarded accordingly.

How has Quantanite helped you with your personal and work growth? It allowed me to have a healthy work-life balance. At times there is work pressure where I need to work longer hours. But it gets compensated when I see the work is done as planned. That feeling is unmatched when you pull off an entire show successfully. Company’s values have reshaped my character for the betterment. The mindset became much stronger and I’m more confident than ever.

Any other information / stories you can share with everyone? As we move forward, we will be faced with a lot of changes. These changes may come at your workplace unexpectedly. We need to be proactive to tackle these changes and adapt to it. The AI revolution is already happening. We need to challenge and push ourselves to the maximum to cope with the environment and the upcoming changes.

If the change helps you in becoming a better version of yourself, then the change is good. Embrace it, work on it, conquer it.

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