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Combine AI expertise and HR experience with Möbius People

Discover a human-friendly AI-powered HR solution designed to redefine people management across the hire-to-retire lifecycle.

Möbius People helps business leaders and HR professionals today to:

Boost employee engagement
Make HR data accessible and personalised
Empower their HR team and leaders
Maximise existing resources through a unified interface
Gain actionable insights throughout the employee lifecycle
Identify top and bottom performers with advanced profiling
Achieve a comprehensive view of staff performance and loyalty
Optimise recruitment and onboarding processes

The AI driven hire-to-retire process

AI empowers HR teams to scale HR outcomes without scaling costs

Design roles more effectively with AI insights

Möbius People supports you through every stage of your journey as an employer, starting with designing each role in the first place. Using smart AI capabilities, it can assess performance data for high-achievers in your sector, then create ideal candidate profiles and job descriptions based on this and local market variables like talent pool, salary and availability. Möbius People can even evaluate your wider team’s skills profile and make recommendations at a team or functional level.

Enhance candidate screening with smarter AI

During the screening process Möbius People can personalise screening questions and exams based on candidate profiles, adapt dynamically based on the answers given, then rapidly analyse the results for hiring managers and make informed recommendations.



Candidate Name One

Conduct more insightful interviews

The same old answers to the same old questions? Möbius People can help you go deeper by personalising interview strategies and questions based on each candidate’s profile. For example, if a CV demonstrates four out of five key job requirements, Möbius can automatically create interview questions that probe for the fifth requirement.

Personalise onboarding for quick integration

You need new employees up to speed fast, right? Möbius People provides personalised and relevant onboarding, supporting both the employee and the line manager. It can coordinate IT requirements, set up new accounts, monitor speed to competency, and adjust training based on performance. Providing a new employee with a genuinely personalised and relevant onboarding experience is a great way to make them feel engaged, welcome and valued from day one.

Optimise performance tracking

By analysing performance data, Möbius People can help you identify and support both high and low performers. For example – it can recommend development training for high performers or provide targeted training for those struggling with specific tasks.

Recognise and reward your best people

Don’t wait until an employee has resigned before appreciating how much you value them. Möbius People gives you real-time feedback – automating recognition and rewards for outstanding performance based on analysed data and KPIs.

Möbius People: providing 24/7 personalized HR support.

Employees can get 24/7 support for their HR related queries from the mobius chat inteface, and that our people (who are also augmented by Mobius) support on the phones/email/chat with the complex employee queries that mobius can’t handle (or shouldn’t handle).

It’s time to leverage AI and human expertise

Möbius People combines robust AI capabilities with 24/7 support from experienced HR professionals, ready to discuss more complex HR issues with you whenever you need them.

This fully customisable solution integrates seamlessly with your current HR systems, providing a single conversational interface – and harnessing the power of data analytics to give you comprehensive business insights.
For example, predictive analysis of your demand and supply chain can help you plan recruitment and staffing more effectively.

Why Quantanite is your ideal partner

With over 10 years of experience, Quantanite, creator of Möbius People, offers proven excellence in developing and evolving HR and recruitment systems.
We balance human commitment with technology to deliver a robust, affordable and adaptable end-to-end solution. And unlike traditional providers, we offer outcome based pricing, ensuring our interests always align with yours.

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