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Why brands need to build flexibility and agility to respond to change

Join UKCCF and Quantanite as they provide their insights and opinion on Understanding CX Essentials for Multilingual Customers in 2023.

9th March 2023

We live in uncertain times at present. A global pandemic ravaged the world economy for the past couple of years. Even now, with recovery underway, high inflation and interest rates are eroding growth. A spike in energy costs is also creating extra costs for most businesses. The pandemic and this ongoing uncertainty really underline the need for agility to be a central customer experience/customer services strategy. It’s becoming essential for business survival.

Join UKCCF and our partners Quantanite for this interactive webinar. Hear from Andrew Hall, Chief Commercial Officer at Quantanite and an illustrious panel of Retailers, Fintech and CX experts providing their valuable insights, and discover:

  • Why every brand needs resiliency at the heart of their business and customer support operations
  • How to build agility within your business to handle unusual situations or seasonal events
  • How to maintain competency in centres during these uncertain times, and when attrition is high and constant
  • How to embrace innovation and change with your contact centre operations


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Session Chair

Andrew Hall – Chief Commercial Officer, Quantanite

An executive leader, specialising in innovation and strategy in customer engagement management and growth, Andrew has been in the outsourcing and technology domain for over thirty years and brings considerable knowledge of transformation and operational excellence into his relationships with clients and teams delivering exciting operations and customer-centric tech-enabled transformation.

Andrew has a focus on working with clients to develop relationships and solutions that truly impact their business and their customer’s experience with them, ensuring measurable benefits and outcomes. Recognised in the customer engagement space as a lead thinker in innovation and the future of technology in customer engagement.


Hugh Clarke, Head of Omnichannel Customer Support, Asda


Graeme Matheson, Planning & Performance Lead, John Lewis & Partners


Mark Jackson, Customer Service Manager, Lidl GB


Chris McLoughlin, Head of Operations, Iceland Foods