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10th Anniversary

A Decade of Championing Positive Experiences


It's our 10th birthday!

Today we are celebrating a decade of innovation, growth, and excellence at Quantanite. Since our inception in 2014, we’ve been dedicated to facilitating connections between businesses and customers through cutting-edge digital services. Today, we are proud to stand as a global leader, with nearly 2,000 employees spanning four continents.

Our Journey

Reflecting on our transformative journey, Atreya Chaganty CEO:

“From humble beginnings to global expansion, our journey has been defined by milestones of success. We began with the launch of our Bangladesh Delivery Centre in March 2014, followed by expansions into key markets such as the United Kingdom in January 2015 and the United States in January 2017.

From a small team to over 2300 people globally, from 1 to 100+ clients today, above-market growth and profitability – a lot has changed. Yet, we remain rooted in our purpose and values as a company.”


Quantanite Established

March 2014

Bangladesh Delivery Centre Opens

March 2014

United Kingdom Market Entry

January 2015

United States Market Entry

January 2017

1,000 Global Employees Reached

January 2019

Quantanite South Africa Launched

January 2020

Milestone of 1,500 Global Employees Reached

June 2021

Johannesburg CX Centre Opens

March 2022

Milestone of 2000 Global Employees Reached

April 2023



Throughout the years, we’ve achieved significant milestones that showcase our commitment to excellence. But we could not have done that without our people who have grown with us as a team. Back In January 2019, we reached the milestone of 1,000 employees worldwide. With our value proposition evolving with new technologies like Generative AI, we now stand at over 2000+ people across technology and operations, and Without our deep understanding of People, Processes and the Customer (and doing things a little differently), we wouldn’t have unleashed the true potential of the technology or our People. Today, we make customer and employee experiences better and business operations more accurate, scalable and cost-effective. Without our People, none of this would have been possible

In The Community

The only way to grow sustainably is to put people at the heart of everything. We put these words into action by devoting our resources to develop local communities and give back to our societies. On 9th August 2023 Quantanite collaborated with Bangladesh Thalassemia Foundation to donate blood and be a part of a noble cause. It was such a success Quantanite are doing another blood drive on 29th February 2024.

Our People

Without Our Values We Wouldn’t Be Where We Are Today

We are super driven, pushing both ourselves and our boundaries to consistently deliver more than clients ask or expect of us.

We are entrepreneurial, introducing new ideas, ambitiously developing them and sharing the value we create.

We hold ourselves accountable for delivering better outcomes for everybody, empowering our people to deliver these results.

We think about growing on all fronts - growing our company, growing our clients, and helping every individual in the company grow as a person.

We deliver a unique service to our clients, their customers and to our colleagues, by finding solutions to problems and helping in any way we can.

Looking Ahead

As we celebrate our 10th anniversary, we’re excited to embark on the next phase of our journey. The launch of MöBIUS and our new Innovation Hub signifies our commitment to continued growth, innovation, and excellence in serving businesses and customers worldwide.

Most importantly, we would like to thank our Customers, both new and old. Thank you from all the team here at Quantanite!

“The day I got promoted to HR Manager, 1st March, 2017. When Mikko announced it to everyone. It was a bone chilling experience.”
Imtiaz embarked on his journey as an Analyst in 2014. Read about his decade long story with us.

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