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Say goodbye to late deliveries and customer complaints with an effective suite of back end solutions.


Quantanite: Your Logistics Outsourced Services Provider

As a seasoned logistics service provider, we here at Quantanite understand the challenges in ensuring goods are delivered on time and the highest level of customer satisfaction is maintained. Our primary focus is to help our clients process their shipment information swiftly in order to ensure a reliable transport and delivery of goods.

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Average CSAT score across multiple vertical industries (2022; All clients)

Fastest Growing B2B Service Provider 2021 (by Clutch)

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Why Our Logistics Clients Love Our Services

“In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, online sales are becoming an increasingly important part of the retail mix”

– RetailDive

Logistics Services - Challenges & Solutions

Ineffective logistics produce delays, missing goods, disgruntled clients and lost business. All of which is exacerbated by an expanding global network and complex supply chain.

Quantanite provides the expertise, resources, and technology you need to deliver quality customer experience in the supply chain, and help you compete on a global scale.



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Our Logistics Service Suite

Customer Experience Management

Voice (Outbound & Inbound), Online Chat, SMS & WhatsApp
Social Media (Content moderation, Tagging reviews, Digital helpdesk & in-app)
Email, Self-service/Automation, Outbound Sales
Technical Support, After Sales Care and Enquiry Handling

Back Office Services

Order entry, Transaction processing and management

Data entry and Data management

Billing and Payment processing

Migration support and Case management

Digital Content Services

Image labelling and classification

Multi-dimensional tagging; Text, Audio, Video, Maps

A wide range of annotation types

Transcription, Document indexing and archiving

Sales Enablement

We help B2B companies build a predictable sales pipeline using:

Outbound sales development, Sales development representatives,

and appointment setting.

Lead Generation

Combined specialised human skills and online technology to scale your sales opportunities using:

Lead research, Email marketing and LinkedIn marketing

CX and Logistics Blogs

Certification & Compliance

Quantanite is accredited by and complies with the following industry standards with regard to Data Security, Payment Processing, Compliance and Quality.


Where appropriate and applicable, Quantanite is externally audited to ensure compliance.

CXM Service Range

We put your customers at the heart of our delivery

Customer experience management

Experts in multilingual customer support and experience, dedicated to improved retention and loyalty.


Scale your back-office processes and functions cost- effectively using our team of domain experts.

Digital Content Services

Market-leading content moderation and data annotation services with a flawless blend of automation and human intelligence.

Lead Generation Services

Improve the quality and value of your sales pipeline through our targeted data sourcing and lead generation expertise.

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