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From the very start of our business, we sought to create partnerships that go beyond answering phones, delivering outbound calls, or writing a message to and for our clients’ customers. Instead, we became an extension of our clients’ businesses, offering insights and improvements that continually evolve both the Customer and Associate journeys.

Retail Company

Online men’s clothes retailer

“What I’ve loved about working with Quantanite’s team over the years is their willingness to be flexible, and how they’ve really got to grips with that way of thinking.


They’re very attentive. They want to do well and are constantly pushing themselves. They’re really in tune with the way we want them to approach the work, and that’s really impressive to see.”

Travel Company

An award-winning UK parking app

“Even at the initial interview stage what really impressed us was the level of professionalism, and the attitude towards customer service in general. The team is really customer focused, which is fantastic to see.”


“The sheer volume shows how much of a help they were. The level of care stands out. They are immersed within our teams and our culture, always asking questions about how they can go above and beyond for our customers.”

Distribution Company

On-demand global food delivery brand

“The speed at which they were able to help us out was extremely impressive. They’re very nimble in how they adapt to things, they have an eagerness, and they’re receptive to anything.


They’re always right there, answering you as soon as you message them. If we have an urgent need, they’ll prioritise it. They’re just a great company 

to deal with.”

Fintech Company

Analytics platform helping with investment decisions

“The data they’re helping us aggregate is contributing to our success as a company. We’ve been working with them for 2 years now and they’ve been both reliable and excellent.


We couldn’t provide this service as quickly or efficiently without them being in the mix. In fact, without them, we wouldn’t have the capacity to provide this service.”

Consumer Services

Geosocial networking app

“Quantanite got up to speed and built a team really quickly.


They were very good at training staff, so we didn’t require the responsibility of doing it in-house. It was great having a direct relationship with the team leader. We could speak to one point of contact and they would relay information to the rest of the team to ensure consistencies.”

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